The Feast is Coming

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The Feast is Coming

Jasmine Estrada, Staff Writer

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Christmas season is finally here! Which means there’s no better time to sit around the table and enjoy a nice hearty meal with your close friends and family. If you are looking to have cute festive holiday celebration, there are a few things that must be done!

First, Decorate the scene: Make sure that your home is full of snowmans, stocking and of course a sparkly tree.

  “When I have my Christmas dinner, my house honestly looks like a wonderland.” Says Juliana Sargent (11)

Second, Time Manage:  This is one of the most essential parts! Make sure you begin cooking with enough time so you don’t stress. Gather all the ingredients needed beforehand and know exactly what yo will be serving.

  “When I had a friends Christmas Dinner, I began planning a week in advanced and made a list of those who were coming and what I had in mind to cook. It helped me stay calm knowing everything was organized.” Says Kaylene Bondoc (11)

Lastly: Pick your best dishes to cook: Your friends and family will be eating your meals, so make sure you are ready to whip up your best dishes in the kitchen!

  “Last year, my mom helped me prepare the meals for a small Christmas dinner with my friends. I made roasted Chicken, peruvian rice, and alfredo pasta. My friends loved it!” Bria De Castro (11)

Although Christmas Dinner might not seem as essential as Thanksgiving, it is still a time to take advantage of and spend quality time sharing a meal with those close to you.