Coral Awareness

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Coral Awareness

Iman Djermouli, Staff Writer

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The ocean is full of magnificent creatures, both discovered and undiscovered. They live their lives freely under the mysterious waves of the oceans, some live in caves, some live in colorful corals others in beneath the sand. Some hide plain sight or even out in the open. However, some of these magnificent creatures homes are in danger.     Coral Bleaching affects not only fish but also causes a disturbance in the ecosystem
Coral bleaching is when the water gets too warm, expelling algae also known as zooxanthellae. The color of the coral turns white showing tissue damage becoming the disposal of home for fish who live inside.
The tissue damage of the coral does not exactly mean that is dead, it actually can survive through the tissue damage.
“It is a bad thing, it’s due to us burning fossil fuels such as coal oils and stuff like that. And because of the Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it dissipates into the ocean which raises the ocean’s PH, which causes coral bleaching to happen. Since corals very sensitive to the PH in the water,” states Nolan Lorenzo (11).
Some causes for coral bleaching are increased in temperature and light. Corals cannot tolerate high levels of toxic molecules, so they expel algae to avoid extensive tissue damage. One degree Celsius for only four weeks can cause severe coral damage. The reason for this is because it reduces the ability of the photosynthetic system in the algae (zooxanthellae).
“It makes sense how it would affect sea creatures since some live in corals and the same algae on them,” said Celeste Nguyen (11).
Not a lot of people are aware of this matter. The ocean doesn’t affect just the animal that lives in,it affects those around it as well.
“I personally was not aware that this was happening, but yes I think we should take action on this immediately. This puts not only our sea friends at stake but just our ecosystem as well,”states Ashlyn Soriano (9).
People should be informed of such matters and come together to make a difference not just for the affected creatures but for the  ecosystem as a whole. Humans and animals are a part of the circle of life and rely on each other whether they know it or not.