Brentwood Renovations for the Books

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Brentwood Renovations for the Books

Cami De Jesus, Staff Writer

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  Tours of the new facility began on April 28th, where council members were able to see the features in what would be the new library. Now, the new library will be expected to open on September 29th.
   The new library is said to feature two stories, in company with a mezzanine level, each housing unique new upgrades. The library will be housing a 3D printer, and hopefully sewing machines in the craft-room alongside an updated kids section, which will include a computer area, and a designated spot for story time. The kid’s section will highlight the qualities of nature via decorations, alongside a small climbing feature which mirrors Mount Diablo.
   The mezzanine will overlook the first floor, and include a long banister with counter tops for laptop users. As for the second floor, it will have rent-able study rooms along with space for a bookstore which will help raise funds going toward the library. A student and avid reader from Heritage High, Ashley Barrett (10) shares,
   “I can’t wait to see the top story of the new library, and there’s a new book that I’ve been looking for, and I hope I can check it out,” said Barrett.
   Various events will also be held in the library, from guitar lessons to arts and crafts. And of course, books! Each floor of the library will have books available to the public, whether it be for that history project, or just for enjoyment.
   “I love reading, and I’m really looking forward to this new library, it’s a really good way to engulf yourself in literature,” said Ashley Yee (10).
   Another enthusiastic reader Danielle Cardoza (10) shares,
   “It’s so exciting there’s a new library, because I absolutely love going to the library!” said book lover Danielle Cardoza (10).
The new library will be expecting visitors on its opening on September 29th, so be sure to swing on by and see all the new amazing features, and to check out a book!