Another One?

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Another One?

Cami De Jesus, Staff Writer

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June 29th, 2007, the world was introduced to the very first iPhone. Forward to 2013, where consumers met the iPhone 5, with brand new iOS technology. The iPhone 5 had crisp camera quality, and the game changer, fingerprint recognition. Now, as of September 21st, we are greeted by the newest iPhone, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS displays new technology much like it’s original version, the X. It of course includes facial recognition, something which is reminding of the iPhone 5 when Apple introduced fingerprint recognition. The iPhone XS is the updated version of 2017’s Apple product, the iPhone X. The XS is priced at 999$ for the standard 5.8 inch display, and the Max, at 6.5 inches, costing 1099$, being the largest display screen Apple has to offer.

Apple claims on its website that the phone will have 2436 by 1125 resolution, and 458 pixels per inch, along with an OLED retina display, which allows HDR display, with

   “color accuracy… and remarkable brightness and contrast,” Apple states.
  Apple also explains that the phone will feature HDR 10 for wider stereo sound
and a completely new level of water resistance, up to 2 meters for every 30 minutes.
“I’ve been using Apple devices for a long time, and I’ve always enjoyed using them, that’s why my family and I continue to buy them. And same goes for a lot of people. I have a recent model that I like, it has a good camera with the portrait mode, and it’s high quality. And it sounds like the new iPhone has those good qualities too, and a lot more it seems, I’d go for it,” says Mikaela Dagdag (10).
It has also been revealed that the phone also has a much smaller battery compared to the original iPhone X, and despite the wondrous details on Apple’s website, consumers venture far off from the magical description Apple has to offer, revealing underlying issues with the phone.
Writers from The Forbes say, “Apple says the iPhone XS will last just “30 minutes longer” than the mediocre battery life of the iPhone X but look closely and you’ll notice that not only are most specs identical, but talk time on the iPhone XS has actually decreased an hour.” says Forbes.
   An Apple consumer Ashley Barrett (10) shares,
“The phone may be showy, but it’s too expensive, I don’t think anyone will buy it. You even see celebrities who get the iPhone 8 instead of the X. And the fact they made the battery small, and that it’s inefficient? No thank you,” said Barrett. It seems that Apple customers are unhappy.
“The price is really what’s stopping people from purchasing the phone. The features, I think they’re good, and in a perfect world the phone would have all the good features, and be affordable. But it just doesn’t work that way now, it’s unfair,” says Nina Flores (10).
It seems that although Apple has built a strong pre image for the iPhone XS, the image is subpar, and consumers will wait to see if Apple will raise the bar in the future.