New Leaders


Mikaela Stahli, Staff Writer

   The Heritage Swim Team has chosen its four captains, and one of them is Kaitlyn Hill, a senior. Team captains are chosen by the coaches. The coaches get together and narrow down the 100+ students that are swimming to 4 and those become our captains. These captains are only chosen because they fit under these categories: a senior or junior, demonstrate leadership skills during practice and help their teammates.

Hill has been swimming for 14 years and started swimming when she was 4.

  Being in charge of a team or anything for that matter comes with a lot of responsibilities. As a team captain Hill has the responsibilities of

 “Being a captain gives me responsibility such as representing our school, being a motivator, encouragement for everyone, being an aid to anyone who needs help with something, and making sure everything is running smoothly,” said Hill.

  Naturally when you find out about something big you are usually excited.   

  ”I am beyond ecstatic to serve as captain this year for for swim at heritage,”explained Hill.

  When you are captain of a team you are asked to do certain things and some can be fun and others won’t always be fun.

 “I look forward to bonding with our whole team and seeing everyone improve with new personal bests every meet as well as creating fun memories and making the best of my last season as a swimmer,”described Hill.

  Starting a new season and having new captains can be a little confusing and strange for everyone on the team.

  Kaylin Johnson(10) is a JV swimmer on the heritage team and is was excited when she found out that Hill was a captain.

  “I think Hill will have an impact on the team because she is a great role model to her piers and is very encouraging,” stated Johnson

Johnson is happy to support Hill and see what she can do to improve the team.

  Joanna Jiang(10) is also a JV swimmer and was super excited to find out that Hill was going to be one of the captains.

“I think Hill will have a big impact on the team because she is always on time and ready to help swimmers or the coaches with anything they need,” stated Jiang

 Jiang is ready to help Hill with anything and be able to say that Hill was one of her swim captains her sophomore year of swim.

  The season has just started and already holds a lot of promise and is now in hands of four new captains.