Female Rappers in Trend


Alexis Esomonu, Staff Writer

In the late 80’s and 90’s there was a sudden rise in female rap; from Lil Kim to Lauryn Hill, female voices were beginning to gain attention.

  However today, there are only two female rappers considered mainstream, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

  Despite the mainstream title, many students do not even listen to them. Most students reach for Drake or Kendrick Lamar, to get in the hardcore mood.

  “Since it has always been a male dominated industry, it is much easier for people to listen to male rappers because that is what they are used to,” expressed Tatiana Buie (9).

  This is true, many people have not fully embraced women in this genre. Often, people do not take female rappers seriously and hold them to higher standard than men when it comes to lyricism.

 “People think women are innocent and use that as a reason to say females are not good at rapping, “stated Mariana Azami (11).

  For this reason, there is only a limited number of mainstream female rappers. It seems that people are constantly waiting for a female rapper to have her downfall. Over the years, female rappers have constantly been pinned against each other, as if there can only be one female rapper.

  In 2017, it became public knowledge that Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma were rivals. After Remy Ma dissed Nicki Minaj, in the song “Shether”, Nicki decided to fire back in her own track “No Frauds.” The two were at odds and many decided to take sides, calling their selves team Cardi or team Nicki.

  “Sadly, people like Cardi B or Nicki, are playing the man’s game, as soon as people get tired of listening to their music, they are gone,” explained Sebastian Sarkis (11).

 Of course, rap, is a male dominated genre, but it important for women to also be a part of the genre.  Not too long ago, women were considered second class citizens to men. In the past, a woman’s voice was often ignored and many viewed women as an extension to their husband.

 Now, that there is space in rap, women can control their own narrative. Instead of women being sexualized in rap, a woman can finally empower herself and girls around the world.

  This was most notable, when Cardi B was the first female rapper to win Best Rap Album of the year. Proving to girls that women can break through boundaries that people claimed they could not.  

  Female voices should not be silenced in rap but be a part of the discussion.