Controversial Issues Involving Artificial Intelligence


Karen Alaniz, Staff Writer

For the longest time, the controversy whether artificial intelligence is good or bad has been circling society. Dating back to the earliest periods of time, there have been many myths going around how robots are going to take over the human race. Although, human beings are able to make robots create destruction, that doesn’t necessarily have to occur. There are both pros and cons to artificial intelligence that can be helpful if used in positive manners.

  “Robots will probably know more than us eventually, or already do so if they took over the world it could be a good thing” said Haydin Greene (11).

  One of the top ethical issues that people worry about is AI taking away people’s jobs and causing a great amount of unemployment. Personally, this has not affected me considering the fact that I do not have a job, but many grocery stores now have self-checkouts with only one person watching each area rather than multiple people working at each individual checkout. Now there are things like self-driven cars, robots and different types of machines working in kitchens rather than humans.

  While some believe that AI is taking away people’s jobs, others claim that AI is only learning how to complete tasks, not full on jobs. In some cases, people look at this as an easier way to communicate and spend more time with family instead of constantly being at work.

  Other than the fact that there is a possibility that artificial intelligence might be taking jobs of the common people, there is also a whole controversy involving school. In the entirety of my high school career, teachers have talked about whether having all this technology is doing a good thing for students or not.

  “In some cases, AI could be a good thing for students, personally it’s helped me with many of my classes, if I didn’t completely understand something in class I could easily go online and search help, but I could see how students can take advantage of this” explained Rida Khan (12).

  Over the past twelve years of being in school, I have seen big technological advances in school. The majority of students own smartphones and cheating on tests is a lot easier now than it was a decade ago. Students can now pull out their phones during class a lot more discretely and look up answers online during tests. For this reason, bigger tests like the SAT and AP tests require you to give them your phone during testing hours.

  Since the earliest of times, there has been a crazy amount of myths going around about how artificial intelligence will take over the world and control us all, but it’s been proven that it is not in fact true.

  We cannot leave out the fact that artificial intelligence has many great potential aspects to it, like positively transforming the world of medicine. They now have systems that can diagnose childhood conditions. Artificial intelligence can improve the efficiency, accuracy and speed for both doctors and patients.

  In conclusion, artificial intelligence has both good and bad aspects to it and depending on how its used. So far, it’s helped us quickly advance society and in the future it may help us become more efficient.