Out with the Old and In with the New – Grinch Edition


Abella Ramirez, Staff Writer

The fictional green, animated character with the devilish grin, and a hate towards Christmas and all who enjoy it, the Grinch. A lovable character that taught us all the true meaning of Christmas.
In 1997 original film, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” is familiar to many people who celebrate the holiday.  A classical and traditional movie that has been watched every year since its release around Christmas season. Then there is the newest remake of it, “The Grinch” that came out in November of this year.
Some would say that this new movie is more appropriate for the age range of the young audience that it is directed towards, but as far as the story line and keeping the iconic main characters reputation, it could be better.
In the original film, the Grinch character has a unique storyline that is comical and fun, however the new movie is more modern and looses its fairy tale like tone.
For more statistical support, the original, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” has one hundred percent on rotten tomatoes while the new film “The Grinch” only has fifty three percent with more poor reviews than the original.
Not to say that the new grinch movie is completely bad, it is comedical and appropriate for the younger age group that it is directed towards. The animations of the movie itself are also very well done.
Though the original film, for the time it was made in, is obviously going to have older animations then the newest one, but honestly, I love the way it’s done, it just shows how it’s a classic.
There are many different facotors you have to look at when comparing something made in 1997 and 2018. That’s why it’s good to look at the movies overall, keeping in mind the time it was made in.
The 2018 Movie The Grinch, is a good film for our new generation considering it is less “negative” as some might say. But the original, I feel, portrays the character perfectly and the new one loses the character and turns him into some kind of modern, generic, in a way different character then he was originally suppose to be.
The Grinch will always be remembered by Dr. Seuss story, and any remakes will remain second best. Classic Filams are always better than the new ones.