Pokémon Go Clean Up


Abigail Sullivan, Staff Writer

The extremely popular game that took the world by storm, Pokémon Go set records for the amount of people they made get outside and get active. It wasn’t odd to see thousands of people walking around parks and cities looking for new Pokémon to catch.    The game has once again made an incredible venture in getting people outside, this time, directly helping the environment. On Earth Day, Pokémon Go has promised that if at least 5,000 players attend a cleanup, that they will release the Shiny Diglett, a special Pokémon, into the game. If 7,000 players help in a cleanup even more bonuses will be rewarded in the game.
Christian Hoffer from the Comicbook website discussed how the event went last year.
“Pokemon Go hosted a successful Earth Day event last year, as 4,200 players participated in various clean-up activities, thus picking up over 6,600 kilograms of trash,” (Hoffer).
The Hoffer has high hopes for the event this year as well and encourage even more players to join.
Heritage Senior, Yoyo Liang, played Pokémon Go when it was released with her friends.
“I haven’t played [the game] in forever but I remember being surprised by how many people really went outside to look for Pokémon. This event is awesome and makes me want to download the game again.”
Heritage alumni, Raener Baluyut, gives his thoughts on the games new development:
“I think it’s an interesting idea for one of their community events however I don’t think that many people will actually volunteer to do that. I’ve heard it has to be at one of their specified events and some of the events do have a max capacity.
Mackenzie Price, Heritage Senior, played Pokemon go for a little bit at the start of the hype.
“I’m extremely happy that the app is using it’s popularity for such a positive cause. I don’t even know what a Shiny Diglett is but if that is a prize inspiring people to go clean up, then that’s awesome!”
It’s compelling to see the different perspectives on this exciting event. Hopefully the occasion goes well and the world can become just a little bit cleaner.