Heritage Adopts an Elephant

Abigail Sullivan, Staff Writer

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    Would you believe it if you were told that Heritage High School adopted a baby elephant?
If you went to the assembly presented by Stu Cabe this year, then you probably heard his inspiring story about the elephants. You’ll be happy to know that HHS has decided to adopt an infant elephant named Sattao.
   The Heritage High School Twitter account made an announcement soon after the last Breaking Down the Walls day:
   “On behalf of Heritage High School, we have proudly adopted an elephant named Sattao! He is a little over a year old and is a suspected poaching victim.”
   Sattao was found abandoned and alone in the the Satao Area of Tsavo East on March 18, 2017. He had injuries on his back legs from what the rescuers assumed were jackals, and needed medical attention as soon as possible.
   When they brought Sattao back to Voi headquarters of Tsavo East National Park, they stabled his condition and began the healing process. Now he’s joined their herd and become a part of the group of orphans there.
   The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Foundation posts updates and pictures about all the elephants they save:
   “Some of our successes in the more challenging cases can be attributed directly to the help and care afforded newcomers by our other resident elephant orphans, healing the traumatic scars of loss that haunt these little orphans by giving them that all important ingredient – the will to live – and in Sattao’s case, that is exactly what happened
   Many HHS students were ecstatic about this news.
Cameron Lota(12) went to the Breaking Down the Walls Activity Day and heard the announcement:
“I think they did this because of [Stu’s] “big elephant, little elephant” speech and more people should know about it!”
   Heritage senior and ASB President, Tyler Rohlfs, had talked about adopting elephants with Stu and Stephanie Redding:
   “When Stu asked me whose name to put down for adoption I thought it was a great opportunity to come together as a school and give back, so I decided to put down Heritage High Schools name for the adoption. The money was raised that week alone during Breaking Down the Walls via purchasing Stu’s bracelets and other merchandise.”
   If you would like to read and learn more about the David Sheldrick Trust, then check out their website:  http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org