Running Back: Bruno Argenal


Mikaela Stahli, Editor in Chief

Bruno Argenal(12), is one of the running backs on the Heritage High School football team. He started playing when he was in second grade due to him being really hyperactive as a kid and football being  the family sport with his dad playing at the University of Nevada Reno.

The goals athletes set can range from skills to their presence on a team.
Argenal’s goal for this season is to always stay full of energy and set an example for younger players as a senior.

He hopes to finish strong since he never knows when he will get a chance to play again.

Time with the team off the field is always a great time and can be memorable.
“Team dinners, the parents are so kind, we get good food and are able to just sit and talk with the team,” said Argenal.

Something that makes a team work is everyone having a good work ethic.

“Something that Bruno never does is give up. He continues to amaze me everyday at practice because of his hard work and effort on the field,” exclaimed Drew Misquez(11).

“He never takes a day off he continues to work hard and always pop up,” stated Trevor Moorman(12)

Even after getting hit really hard Argenal is recognized by teammates for how he can just get up and act like nothing major happened.

“He gives his 110 no matter what and gets back up after every big hit,” stated Christina Conley(11).

“He can get hit hard and he’ll always get right back up with a smile and be ready for the next play. It amazes me because he comes everyday and does it,” explained Moorman.

One of Argenal’s favorite memories of playing football is the Antioch game last year when he made three interceptions and it was a shutout, meaning Antioch didn’t score. It is one of his favorites because he likes it when the whole team can celebrate a well played game.

Most athletes struggle with something but then overcome it better and stronger than before, for Argenal this was changing positions and transferring schools which made him have to connect with a whole new team and learn the way they do things.

Argenal is going to miss this specific group of guys, Coach Sanders and the routine of having to go to practice after school most of all at the end of this season. He plans on playing football in college if he gets the chance to once he finds the right school.