Small Ideas Go A Long Way


Bennett Ricker, Staff Writer

   On the morning of September 14, 2019, Carson King showed up to the set of College Gameday not knowing anything about what was going to come.
   King had created a sign that he had made the previous night to hold up behind the College Gameday cast which has become a tradition for the show. King’s sign was simple and humorous it read
   ” Busch Light supply needs replenished venmo: Carson-King-25.”
” There definetly is a better way to raise money for a cause instead of advertising this way” Said by Heritage Junior Emma Fournier.
King at the time didn’t think anything would happen when he showed up but soon that would change. Thanks to social media and his position in the crowd King’s sign raised $1,600 and King sent out a tweet saying.”
   “With all the donations my @CollegeGameDay sign for @BuschBeer has received, I will be donating all but enough for a case of Busch Light to @uiowa Children’s Hospital. We’re at over $1,600.00 right now! @CycloneATH @WideRtNattyLt @ChrisMWilliams Venmo Carson-King-25.”
” I personally wouldn’t donate to something like this because of what the sign says it seems to be a bit sketchy.” Said by Maggie Wells junior at Heritage.
   King discussed with the Demoines Register that once he hit $600 he realized that he could do something much better than just spend it on beer. Which displays him as the kind-hearted person he has been described to be.
   The Demoines Register came across a sign in his house that was painted by his grandmother that reads “Start unknown, finish unforgettable.”
   King goes into depth talking about he lives by that phrase and how it constantly reminds him to be a better person.
   subsequently Busch Light took notice of what was happening and they chipped in and matched the money he raised to also donate.
” I’m not suprised that they decided to match the total cost but I think it was the right thing to do because it contributes to a good cause.” Statement from Branden Weaver a student at Heritage
   Following Busch Light’s actions, Venmo heard of what was occurring and they also announced that they would also match the donations received.
   Furthermore, by the end of the time, King raised the money for the Iowa Children’s hospital he had received over $1 million in donations. Although Busch Light has cut ties with King they still will honor the pledge they made to donate the money.