Super Bowl fit for a Saint


Jacob Fogelstrom, Staff Writer

This NFL season has been one of the most competitive seasons the league has ever seen, with a whopping 5 teams holding a 10-2 record through 13 weeks. The super bowl has a handful of potential outcomes with the level of competitiveness throughout both conferences, but I believe the 2019-2020 Super Bowl to end with the New Orleans Saints hoisting the Lombardi trophy.
Its been a long timing coming for the Saints, with back to back heartbreaking, heart wrenching endings for the Saint faithful. In these heart breaking endings, from the Minneapolis Miracle, to the biggest blown call in NFL history which cost the Saints a ticket to the Super Bowl, the Saints have persevered and gotten themselves right back into a top seed in the NFC. In these failures, it proves to be a positive for the Saints, as it lights a fire in the team to succeed and shows the Saints that they can make the Super Bowl.
Behind this motivation from back to back heartbreaks, comes a handful of playoff experience for the Saints when it comes time for post season play. The Saints are the second most experienced team in the Super Bowl hunt, only behind the Patriots, who are in the opposing conference of New Orleans.
This experience with deep playoff runs can prove to be an extreme advantage against the tops teams who haven’t dealt with playoff schemes and environments. The Saints can use this gap of experience in their game planning and take advantage of experienced vs unexperienced matchups.
It’s stated that defense wins championships, and this Saints defense might just be the best defense we’ve seen in previous years. With star players at the corner, linebacker, and defensive line, this defense has speed and physicality. Pair that defense up with a top 5 offense in the NFL with future Hall Of Fame Drew Brees at the reigns, this team is one of the most complete and dynamic in the league.
The Saints have been through a handful of adversity the previous years holding them back from a potential 2 super bowl championships, but I believe this year is the year they achieve the win the city of New Orleans has so desperately been wanting. It won’t be an easy playoff run, but when all is said and done, the Saints will be sitting atop the NFL.