A Tee-rific Victory


Addy Stevens, Staff Writer

     “Where is Heritage?” It was these words that parents uttered from the stands on Wednesday, March 4 at the Wente Golf course. Heritage High School was the name that rang through the speakers, the name that had parents turning to each other in question. “Heritage?” Yes, it was Heritage that took the first place spot in the tournament that day, putting our school and golf team on other school’s radars.
     Two of the team players shone especially bright that Wednesday, Arman Bajwa (11) and Jonathon Hydorn (12). Bajwa finished in eighth place while Hydorn won the entire tournament with a score of 69.
     “I didn’t think I was going to win,” reflected Hydorn. “When I shot the score I thought I’d get like top five or something so I was kind of surprised that I won. When they called my name up I’d been sitting down for like half an hour so it felt like I was floating when I was walking to get my medal.”
     Even though the win might have surprised Hydorn, it came to no surprise to the teams’ coach, who related his confidence and faith he has in his team.
     “I had great confidence when we started this season that both Arman Bajwa and Jonathon Hydorn would have strong seasons,” remarked Coach Fogelstrom, who’s been coaching the boys’ golf team for five years now.
     Unlike many sports, golf is one where the team strives to earn the least number of points, a feat accomplished by using the least number of strokes to hit the golf ball into the hole. It’s a game that requires concentration and an incredible precision that is earned through hours of practice.
     “We all have a good time,” Bajwa, who’s been playing golf since he was in the eighth grade, related. “But when it comes down to matches we have the ethic where we’re just gonna come out and-” here Bajwa slapped his fist to hand, indicting the fierce drive the team has when competeing. “So it kind of gets serious during all the matches but most of the time we’re just brothers.”
     The Heritage team may make it look easy but the sport is much more difficult than it looks.
     “Because golf is quiet and played often slowly, people sometimes don’t see golfers as athletes,” commented Fogelstrom. “All it akes is to give someone a club and have them try to hit the ball for a few minutes. They will immediately realize that golfers are incredible athletes and the sport is incredibly difficult both physically and mentally.”
     Congrats to the Heritage boys’ golf team! May many more wins come throughout this season!