Failure is Not an Option

Baylee Ells, Staff Writer

    Lauren Sobolik (11)  has been playing volleyball since she was three years old. Taught by her sisters and refined through school activities, Lauren would like to be the captain of the Varsity Volleyball team when the time comes. She is a tough and determined junior at Heritage High School where she has played volleyball with Heritage since she was a freshman. Sobolik’s ambition is evident and her work ethic is something to be admired.
   Sobolik learned volleyball while her sister played in high school, she has been playing since she was three years old and fell in love with game. She is constantly looking to improve her skills and techniques both in the game, but also in life.
   “Being apart of a team is like being apart of another family because they always have your back on or off court. The friendships I’ve made through volleyball have been some of the best ones in my life. The sad and funny and amazing moments that I’ve made throughout my volleyball career are what make me want to continue to play because they’re unforgettable,” explained Sobolik.
   When asked of her goals and where she wants to see herself after the end of this year, Sobolik spoke about her goals for her academics and her life. Sololik plans to graduate with a 4.0 GPA and be captain of the Varsity Volleyball team at Heritage High School. Sobolik academic goals demonstrate her persistent personality and ability to juggle multiple tasks. Sololik also spoke to me about her strengths and weaknesses and her ability to persevere through challenges. She finds motivation in improving herself, but also to be a good role model for those around her.
   “My weaknesses are probably  my procrastination, my stubbornness and being a perfectionist. I absolutely HATE losing and being wrong. My strengths are that I’m a very outgoing and social person. I know how to take charge of a situation and be a leader for others,” said Sobolik.
   Teammanship is important to any sport as Sobolik reminds us. Even something you have been doing your whole life can bring new challenges and hardship, but it grooms you to become better than you were before.
   “I play volleyball because I love to be apart of a team and being with others. My sisters played it when they were younger and so I’ve grown up playing it. It’s always been something that I can do to stay fit and it’s also a really good way to release stress and anger and I’ve always been very competitive  and it’s super fun when everyone else is too,” expressed Sobolik.
   Although Sobolik spends a lot of time practicing, as well as keeping up her grades. In her free time she likes to be with her loved ones both on and off the court.
   “The things that make me happy are mostly my friends and family. They know me the best and never fail to make me laugh. Playing volleyball also makes me really happy because of the sport, and because the team that I became a part of, honestly just people in general make me happy,” stated Sobolik.
   After graduating high school, Sobolik plans to attend community college while she continues to play volleyball. She also has ambitions to go to Paris her Sophmore year of college. She plans to get her degree in business and work with her sister, She does not have a specific dream job in mind, she simply wants to continue to grow and challenge herself keeping her options open to new and wonderful opportunities.