Prom 2020, Quarantine Style


Corona virus robbed upperclassmen high school students of many milestones this year. Students are missing Graduation, awards assembly’s, senior traditions, but one iconic night that junior and senior students will no longer have this year is prom.
This years lack of prom and ball really tested students creativity, as they would not go down without a fight. Many students decided to host their own proms, whether it be at home or in a parking lot, distanced from their friends.
Many students are filled with frustration and anger at the administration for cancelling their senior proms, but not Heritage High School junior Maggie Wells.
“Although it is sad not being able to get dressed up with my friends, through being the principles daughter it is easier to comprehend the administrations worries about the students safety and health when cancelling prom,” said Wells (11).
Wells mentions how she learned a lot from being the principles daughter here at Heritage, and one important thing shes learned is that letting students down is just as hard for the administration as it is for the students, if not more.
Many students were devastated at the cancellation of prom, but since having planned their own prom, the students have a new and optimistic outlook on the whole situation.
“Just because its not on a yacht in San Francisco doesn’t mean it cant be a fun time,” said Gia Pecenka (12).
Pecenka slipped on a borrowed gown, some fancy jewelry and dabbed on some extra makeup before attending her very own “parking lot prom” at Heritage High School.
The Heritage community laughs about the fact that although the actual prom was cancelled, there was no real shortage of a prom celebration.
Although many students are still devastated with the loss of this years prom, many find that creating a unique prom may actually be more fun than the traditional prom.
“I mean not everyone can say they had their junior prom in a parking lot,” said Keely Gleason (11).
Gleason is a junior at Heritage and was very excited for this years prom, but when prom didn’t turn out the way she planned, she was upset. Gleason and her friends parked their cars forming a circle and were still able to dance the night away, which was even more special for Keely.
Students this year have overall had a very optimistic outlook on the cancellation of prom this year. Many students believe that creating a small, social distanced prom is more personal and memorable experience for friends. After all, prom may be cancelled, but dancing is not.