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Air Quality Affecting Athletes

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Air Quality Affecting Athletes

David Ambriz, Staff Writer

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      Fires throughout the North Coast have cause massive amounts of smoke to sweep across the neighboring cities and towns ruining air quality and becoming a hazard for athletes through October 8-16. Fires in Napa and Sonoma caused massive devastation to communities and valleys causing smoke to drift down to the Contra Costa County causing the district to close down outdoor facilities such as the Antioch community Park, as well as ensure student athletes avoid outdoor practice or any individual outdoor workouts.

     Athletes were instructed to avoid outdoor activity in order to avoid any health drawbacks. However, the results of missing a week of training was a dilemma for most or all athletes here at Heritage.

“I had a hard time staying indoors but coach said the risk was greater than the reward so i did what i could to workout indoors,” said Calvin Richey (9).

     Many athletes struggled to stay indoors but were able to pull through in order to preserve their health. Yet, others couldn’t handle the idea of resting so they chose to take the risk.

“Coach told us  not to run unless it was clear but i felt myself getting out of shape so i ran a bit. No days of,” said Dane Winding (12).

The air quality affected athletes throughout the North Coast and elsewhere but practices were continued as conditions improved.


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Air Quality Affecting Athletes