Hey Dude, What’s Your Costume?

Rylee Cagle, Assistant Editor

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It’s that time of year again! As the Halloween season kicks into gear feelings of spookiness and grim grinning ghost-iness fill the air, meanwhile everyone is asking everyone, “What’s your costume?”

  Halloween costumes have no limits…. they can be anything! Ranging from memes to Disney characters, costumes completely set the tone for the celebration. Some people though still have multiple costumes on their mind, even a week before the day of Halloween.

  Taeya Ross(10) said, “I’m stuck between a lot of options! My top three are Lilo, Red Riding Hood, or a panda.”

  Others are distinctive with their choices. Kidest B.(11) and her friend are being Sidney and Billy from White Men Can’t Jump as an ode to their love of basketball. Marin Fallows (11) took the classical Disney approach, saying, “I’m being the original Cinderella. She’s my favorite princess.”

  Whether you’re going to a Halloween party like Kidest B, or staying home and watching Hocus Pocus with friends like Fallows, generally Halloween costumes are welcomed with open arms. However, costumes stir up some controversy over whether or not they are subjective to age, gender, and other factors.

  There are multiple perspectives on if there is an age limit for dressing up for Halloween. Particular people, like Mackenzie Holland(10), choose not to dress up. “I’ll probably be hanging out with some friends, so it doesn’t make sense to dress up.”

  Many though continue to immerse themselves in the festivity, despite any notion of “immaturity” suggested by others based on their choices. Curtis Lellman (12) says, “Of course I’m still dressing up, and without shame! I’m being Scooby Doo because the rest of my friends are being the mystery gang.”

  In other ways, gender might affect costume choices. Fallows expresses her opinion this way, “My least favorite part about Halloween is the fact that girls either have to dress super inappropriately or buy a large children’s costume. It’s sexist.”

 But hey! Regardless the celebration has good intentions and a positive effect on many people. Lellman says it this way, “Halloween is a day where people dress up, get candy, and have fun. Gender has absolutely nothing to do with it and people who say age matters need to loosen up.”

 So, despite varying perspectives, Halloween presents an opportunity for everyone to relax and have fun. Whether you’re wearing a costume or chilling in pajamas, The Heritage Ledger wishes you a spooky celebration!!