The 5 Best Bloodcurdling Halloween Movies of All Time

Jazemin Jefferies-Seward, Staff Writer

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   The time for screams and enjoying candy is coming around the corner. While most will go out and trick-or-treat, some will stay in and enjoy some spine chilling, spooky, scary halloween movies.Lucky for you we have the perfect list of movies for you to enjoy.

  The first movie is a 1978 classic; Halloween. A young boy, Michael Meyers, murders his older sister and is locked away in a mental hospital. 15 years later he ends up escaping to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois the night before halloween.

  A Nightmare on Elm Street, yet another favorite. A group of teenagers are being hunted by a deformed murderer who kills teens in their dreams which ends up killing them in reality as well. As young teen Nancy and her boyfriend Glen begin to investigate the start to suspect that their parents are keeping a secret from them that could potentially be the key to the entire mystery.

  “These two movies have to be my favorite, just the thrill I get from watching them and the spooky feeling you get when you hear the scary music. It’s just great,” exclaims Marcus Money (10).

  One of the best mystery horror film is Scream. A teenage girl is taunted and terrorized by a killer almost a year after her mother was murdered. The killer, Ghostface, stalks the girl and her friends, taunts them with trivia questions, then rips them to shreds.

  “This movie has to be one of the best movies to watch. The other movies are okay but this one is my favorite,” states Toby Lamunyon (10).

  Saw is an American thriller about two men who find themselves trapped in disgusting bathroom by a sadistic serial killer who goes by the name “Jigsaw” who is also telling the men that one has to kill the other in order for his family to live. While this is all happening, their families are witnessing everything.

  “This movie is so cruel and inhumane but it is hard to not watch as the movie goes on,” expresses Lena Egan (11).

  Last, but certainly not least, The Shining. This movie is about a writer, Jack Torrance, who suffers from alcoholism and accepts a job a winter caretaker in an isolated hotel. Jack gets wintered over with his wife and son, Danny,  who possesses “the shining” which is a bunch of abilities that allow him to see all of the horrific past of the hotel. After Jack and his family are trapped for a while, Jack starts to lose his sanity and puts his son and wife in danger

  “This is my all time favorite movie to watch just because it’s super creepy and weird but actually very interesting,” exclaims Adrian Mendez (10).