The Santa Experience

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The Santa Experience

Rylee Cagle, Assistant Editor

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You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m telling you why: Santa Claus is… not real?

  Most of us know the heart-wrenching holiday truth that, spoiler, Santa Claus is but a myth created by adults.

  Parents rely on Santa for many different reasons; some say Santa keeps their children well-behaved, while others say Santa simply brings magic and joy to the holiday season.

  The lengths that some parents go to reassure Santa’s existence amazes me. Personally, my parents would not only leave cookies half eaten, but would cover a pair of boots in fireplace ash to leave a trail of footprints.

  Despite their best efforts though, one fated day in 2012 they let the reindeer out of the bag. Though my story is generally normal, others have experienced funnier and more complicated Santa reveals.

  Lyndsey Burrow (10) tells of her situation: “I actually got mad at my parents! I thought that they never bought me a present for Christmas and it made me upset.”

  Lyndsey decided to confront her parents; “Mom! How come Grandma gives me presents and you guys don’t?”…Only to realize that all of her gifts were heartfelt and ,in fact, from her parents.