A Snatched Shopping Season

Samilla Larkin, Staff Writer

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The Christmas season is now upon us which means that the dreaded Christmas shopping is here as it’s plus one. It is time to find the perfect gift for all the people in our life and hope to receive something as well.

  “It’s so hard for me to find gifts for people but I try my best. I know it’s the thought that counts but I always try to get someone a great gift. My goal is to always give someone something they don’t want to immediately return!” Jordan Sweeney, 11, expressed on the gift giving.

  With so many options gift givers are often overwhelmed with a plethora of emotions ranging from excitement, like Jordan, to fear like Kendyll McHenry.

  Kendyll,11,expressed “I get so nervous when shopping for gifts you could even say I get scared. The whole process of going to the store is too much. So much is expected and you can definitely say I enjoy receiving instead of giving.”

  This is not normally the case. Although people dread going shopping because of the endless lines, broad selections, and most importantly spending their money but endure it simply because they have too. And in the midst of this we sometimes find some who loves the entire process like Kidest Befikadu.

  “I think going shopping for gifts is my favorite part about the whole thing. I like going to the store and being in the environment. The Christmas music, decorations, and candy canes put me in the spirit.”

  To most this may seem surprising but statistics show 80% of Americans enjoy the gift giving process with the shopping. What’s behind this? Most would think greed would override the common persons want to give rather than receive but there is something about giving someone a great gift that people love that has a fulfilling quality about it