A Holiday dedicated to the Irish!

Milan del Rosario, Staff Writer

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St. Patrick’s day, originally a religious holiday honoring the death of St.Patrick in Ireland, has now become a holiday celebrated world-wide. With the St.Patrick’s day parade and everyone pinching each other, the world can’t wait for the 17th of March.

   St.Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, was the person who had brought Christianity to Ireland. Since his death, it gave birth to several myths about his life such as; the shamrock representing the holy trinity or the color green representing the holiday.

  According to Payton Bradley (10), she believes that the color green is what helps with avoiding mythical creatures like leprechauns and fairies.

   “People wear green on St. Patrick’s day because they though wearing green made you invisible to leprechaun and fairy things who pinches anyone they see,” said Bradley (10).

   This holiday has found itself being celebrated in not just Ireland but in Japan, America, and other countries. There are over 100 St. Patrick’s day parades in America, and in Tokyo they hold a St.Patrick’s day Parade which is the biggest Irish event in Japan. The religious holiday turned into a day celebrated by all with Ireland’s interest in tourism.

   Heritage High School is showing their St. Patrick’s day pride with the Garden Club selling “Potato grams”, they have forms in Mrs. Mangas room D110. The potato grams come in little goodie bags of candy and a small personalized note sticking on the potato.

   “Even though we aren’t Irish, my parents make corned beef and cabbage and buy soda bread from the store as a fun way to celebrate,” said Marina Bourque (10) a Heritage student, who celebrates with Irish food for dinner with her family.

   Corned beef itself has no historical connection with St.Patrick’s day, but it’s what the early Irish immigrants used in America as a substitute for bacon because it was too expensive for them to afford.

   Bradley (10) bakes cookies and hand delivers them to her friends and family and goes to Ed’s Mudville Grill every year,

   “We bake over 200 dozen green chocolate chip cookies…then at 12 a.m. on St. Patrick’s day we go out to deliver the cookies and we drive as far as Martinez to deliver them,” said Bradley (10) who also goes to Ed’s Mudville Grill every year after delivering the cookies.

   “It’s funny when I pinch my friends, because I am short compared to them and it’s like i’m a leprechaun,” said Adam Sultan (9) who simply just likes to pinch his friends and family by surprise.

   With St.Patrick’s day coming even closer the celebrated day is sure to bring fun to the world! Also don’t forget to wear green!