Get ready to start the Track and Field Season!

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Get ready to start the Track and Field Season!

Milan del Rosario, Staff Writer

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From sprinting, hurdling, or running far distances, Heritage High School’s track team, even in the current chilly weather, can still be found outside running on the track for practice.

  Last years season went remarkably for the team, with Jett Charvet winning state championships for the 800 meter race, it made a name for the team and we are now known statewide rather than just in league. This year the team may be able to bring five people from the team to state championships which is very rare for any team in general.  

  Gabriel Preciado (10), a distance runner, aims to get on varsity this year by running the 1600 meter race in 4:35 minutes.

  “I hope I’ll do well and get on varsity this year. The competition is pretty stiff but I think I can do it. A lot of people have started taking me seriously too,” says Preciado.

  For him, last years season went great too. Running 1600 meters in 5:08 minutes in the beginning of the season to reaching his end of the year goal of 4:59 minutes,

  “It went amazing for me. I started the year with 5:50 minutes and exiting cross country season I had 5:59 minutes. By the end of the season I ran 5:08 minutes and later when training, a few weeks after championships, I ran my end of the year goal of 4:59 minutes in 1600m. I was the only freshman in the league to do it that year,” said Preciado.

  It’s the beginning of the season so it’s also time for new team members to join in on the fun, like Khai Luong (10), who joined after playing during basketball season at Heritage.

  “Since I stopped playing basketball I wanted to do some other form of exercise, so I decided on track. Gabe and Josh got me into track because they both do it, so I thought it would be fun to do it with them,” says Luong.

  With the season just beginning, good luck is being send to all the competitors on the team this year for a good start to 2018’s Track and Field season.