To Go or Not To Go


Abby Yamaguchi, Assistant Photography Editor

To go or not to go, that is the question many students face while at school. The female students often have mixed feeling about the bathrooms on our campus. Some may say that they are gross and filthy while others may say that they are just your average high school bathrooms.    “I feel like the girls bathrooms are really clean most of the time.They always have soap and nobody leaves trash behind,” described Alanis Santos Santos (12).
While some students use the bathrooms regardless of the state it is in, some students try to avoid it all together because of the condition it is in..
“I haven’t really been using them but, when I do go in it kinda smells bad,” stated Emmalee Yamaguchi (9).
The cleanliness of a school bathroom may depend on its location and the time of day. According to Santos Santos the girls bathroom near the entrance to SLC B is the filthiest bathroom on campus.
“ … this is the one people in this area use the most,” explained Santos Santos,” most people go into that one and don’t really take care of it.”
The state of the girls bathrooms depends on the actions of the students and should not rely on the maintenance crew to make it enjoyable.
“ I think that we should respect the janitors because they do a lot to clean up our campus and the fact that we can not clean up after ourselves is really dumb because we are in high school,” expressed Lauren Ollivier (11).
Students are on campus five out of seven days of the week and are able to make their own choices. Students have the ability to pick up trash or any mess made in the bathrooms and can also notify campus supervisors of anything that is broken or malfunctioning. Keeping them clean for all to enjoy is a small act of kindness not only for those around you but also for the people who clean the them. Taking care of the bathrooms on our campus is a step that we all can take to make our high school experience even better.