A Bust For The Team, A Gamble Through the Night

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A Bust For The Team, A Gamble Through the Night

Diego Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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   Throughout the week many students and teachers were dressing out showing their spirit for the school.
   Some students thought that the spirit week for the school was a bit odd since the theme for the homecoming dance was Vegas but the spirit week had little to no correlation with it. The students did not seem to be very much affected by this. They seemed to enjoy having something new every day to look forward too and have fun with.
“I felt  like the spirit week should’ve tied into the homecoming theme or been more simpler to modern themes,” said Kayla Lindawan(9).
   Everyone was ecstatic for the Friday night game, this was because we have never faced Amador Valley High school before for homecoming. This meant that were not 100% sure of if we were going to win.
As the week went on the nominations of homecoming were placed and everyone was prepping for the Friday game. On Friday after school the JV team had a sad defeat to Amador Valley 00-12. After the junior varsity game came the varsity game which also was a striking defeat of 00-35.
Even though there was a sad loss of the football games before homecoming it did not change the thoughts of the students about wanting to go to the dance.
“Personally, the outcome of the game did not change my mind about the dance but it did make it a little sad to see that we lost another game,” said Bailey(10).
Saturday rolls over and all the students plan when and where to take pictures with their friends due to the over crowdedness. This is because both Heritage and Liberty chose to have their school dances on the same day, which many students agreed was a terrible idea.
As time passes throughout the day students meet with friends and family and take photos with each other to post on social media.
   The time came and the dance was about to begin. Students came to stand in line for very little to a lot of time waiting just to enter the dance. As you walked inside of the cafeteria, you were stunned by the sight of the dance as there are gambling tables. Students everywhere had fun gambling nothing-for free gift cards if they won. Outside of the cafeteria the DJ was playing music. Some students complained about how they did not like the music that was played but yet the DJ was not the worst as they have ever had.
” The DJ was not as bad as I was expecting him to be, but if I was to play songs as a DJ then I would of played songs that were more popular to this time and age,” said Nolan Lozano (11).
Many students were very pleased with the food trucks that were present at the dance but some wish that there was more to eat. Overall the gamble of the homecoming game was a tragic loss, while the night of homecoming was a jackpot. Students have requested that if anything was to change to the homecoming that they wish the DJ was much better and that there was a more variety of food.