The Rising Stars Travel North

James Warren, Staff Writer

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Every Fall many students in Heritage High School’s theatre program go on an inspirational trip to Ashland, Oregon. Students see shows performed at a top level in order to better their skills or gain inspiration for their own productions.    Duke Appleton (12) is a student at Heritage and a member of Heritage’s theatre program. “I’m very excited for this year’s trip,” Duke exclaimed. Duke is a Senior and has been on every trip since Freshman year.
The trip to Ashland is a fun and exciting learning experience for many of the students that attend.
“You can hang out with your friends, go shopping, view productions, and have a lot of fun on this trip,” Appleton said.
More importantly, this trip gives student actors opportunities to build upon their skill.
“Students are able to have one-on-one conversations with actors and actresses that are in each production they see. It gives you a chance to see what personal skills you can improve on in order to be a better actor,” Appleton said.
Ian Panela (12) also believed this trip can make you into a better actor.
“As I watch the shows, I look for why they do what they do what they do. It personally influences me to become better. Some of the skills I’ve learned is to not just be an actor playing a role, but to actually become the character on stage,” said Panela.
Thomas Gonzales (12), another Senior in Heritage’s theatre program, gave his opinion on the trip. Even though he’s never attended, he had nothing but positive things to say.
“I’ve heard about the rich environment of the town, with all the fun and interesting things about it, as well as the amazing plays that the theater company put on,” Gonzales explained.
Gonzales doesn’t believe that the trip builds talent, but rather that it teaches the students how hard work can lead them to where they want to get to.
“It’s great for kids to see how there are options for them as actors and that they can find their niche and see where it can lead them,” Gonzales stated.
When asked if he would’ve attended the trip if he could,
“I would have loved to attend the trip in the past. As a fan of Shakespeare they always have a show going that I’d love to see, and as a fan of theater I’d love to see their work. The town and bonding experience is well worth the sell. One of my biggest regrets of high school is not being able to attend the trip.” Gonzales exclaimed.
The trip is an amazing way for students at Heritage High to socialize with one another and to nourish a love for theatre.