Students or Student Teachers?

Autumn McKim, Photography Editor

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High school seniors being introduced as the new student teacher. Heritage’s new program is throwing students into an internship at one of the many elementary and middle school’s around Brentwood.

The new optional class called TLC is available for students who completed an Academy pathway to choose if they want to become teachers are in education profession.

“ I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and still being in high school it’s nice to finally have something in validate what I want to do with my life,“ said Sarah Packer (12).

In order to get in the class you must’ve completed all of the requirements within one academy pathway. Students can then go and talk to their counselor and ask if they are eligible to join the Teaching Internship class.

This is the first year the class has started, the teacher, Mrs. Rodriguez typically teaches the child development Heritage. The course is aligned with a bigger program called Junior Achievement. This program works at Liberty and Freedom to provide High School Seniors, who have completed the requirements, an opportunity to further their learning through an internship and experience.

“They asked me if I wanted to take on a new class, and I was like yeah sure why not, especially since it’s an internship class there’s a lot more responsibility that goes on with it but it’s nice to know that kids are getting great experience,” said Rodriguez.

Allison Sheehy, a third-grade teacher at Ron Nunn thought course was an excellent opportunity for students to see what real experience teaching is like.

“ I definitely wish they would’ve had this program when I was in high school because going into the career field it’s a lot different than what you would expect and so this opportunity is great for kids to see what it’s actually like,“ said Sheehy.

Students go to their mentorship a few times a week depending on the preset calendar given to them. The class consists of all girls who attend eagerly in hopes to become teachers one day.

This program hopes to work well and continue through to following years. as -well as help students achieve their dreams to progress into a career they’ve wanted since they were kids.