Big Blue Uproar


Jacqueline Toscano, Staff Writer

   Regularly held during the first week back to school after winter break, the Big Blue Madness rally is a highlight of most Heritage students’ school years. This year, the well-known night rally took place on January 10.

  Leadership’s rally crew began planning the rally in mid-October. With the long time frame, they were able to use more time to plan than they usually do, which allowed them to focus on the smaller details. Rally crew member, Collin Marfia (11), was new to the planning of a rally like Big Blue Madness.

  “I wish I knew how much work it was beforehand…being in a group definitely helped a lot with planning everything and helped [lessen] the stress levels,” explained Marfia.

  A week previous to the rally, leadership students went around the Heritage campus selling themed spirit shirts based on the rally to gather funds for the program and even created a spirit week. They did all they could to get the word out to the student body, which included spreading posts about it all over social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

  On the night of, students went all out in spirit wear and crowded the bleachers in anticipation. The gym was decorated head to toe in glow in the dark decorations and the DJ blasted tunes throughout the room which prompted the crowd to sing and dance along to them. As soon as the clock struck 8:30 Tyler Rohlfs (12) and Brendan Quinn (12) took the floor with high energy and pride ready to MC and take on the first rally of the new year.

  “When we were in the tunnel and the purge siren was sounding, my adrenaline was pumping… the enthusiastic audience made everything so fun,” said Rohlfs.

  The MC’s truly did their best to keep the crowd hype and include them in all of the rally festivities. They picked random students from the crowd to participate in a hoop shooting game and cheered them on as they attempted to make shots. Additionally, they incorporated the entire crowd by making them all join in a synchronized roller coaster motion.

  Teams were showcased throughout the night including both boys and girls soccer teams and the basketball teams. Teachers joined in with members of the varsity teams and went head to head to see who could be victorious.

  Well-prepared performances were put on by JROTC,the varsity dance and cheer teams, and drumline. Varsity dance’s performance left the crowd astounded and was definitely a fan favorite for many. Their routine was filled with high energy and the playlist of songs were sure to get anyone of any age dancing.

  “I just love the dynamic of our team, so performing with them is always the greatest feeling… this big blue madness rally performance has definitely been the best one yet and i’m bittersweet that it’s my last one ever,” expressed Amber Sun (12).

  This night proved to exceed many people’s expectations and will for sure be one to remember. Many elements were incorporated to include everyone at Heritage High and make the student body feel united.