New Additions to Congress

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New Additions to Congress

Karen Alaniz, Staff Writer

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Over the past several years there have been many new positive additions in Congress making it a lot more diverse than ever before. Just recently, the youngest woman ever to be in Congress was admitted. Not only was the youngest woman admitted to Congress, but there has been other new additions as well.

  The 116th Congress which started on January 3rd, made space for 40 new females with 36 women in the house and 4 in the senate. When it comes to men, there’s 60 new members. Just about 25 of the new members elected to the house are Native American, Hispanic and people of color. The fact that there is diversity in congress is very important, so that all different aspects are shared. Latinos have won more than half of their races. The LGBTQ candidates have also won a few races this year which is a small step forward.

  “I think the 116th congress is a great representation of change and I am happy to see it more like the America I live in. It still isn’t completely equal but the new elected officials are a very very good start” said Rida Khan (12).

   These new changes to Congress have been long over-waited for many people, so these additions were very exciting to the public and will be a moment to be remembered in the entirety of history.

  “It’s crazy to think that there hasn’t been much diversity over the past several years and stuck with the same ideas” explained Briana Vierra (12).

  On social media, there has been a whole controversy about making congress more diverse for quite some time now. For example, within the past few years, Twitter, which is mostly used by teenagers has been a strong platform for teenagers to speak up about what they believe in.

  “Social media has a big influence in politics, many people see through social media the pros and cons of government, these ways of outreach can persuade someone to take a side in government” said Marielle Kepo’O (12).

  A lot of campaigning and lobbying is done on social media, and it isn’t only targeting the youth but adults as well. For the first time in ages, Congress has finally made some meaningful changes that will forever be remembered in the future through the help of American citizens. Slowly but surely, Congress will start to look more like America by not being dominated by solely one race.