Government Shutdown Causes Chaos

Hannah Murphy, Staff Writer

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 Talk about a great way to start the New Year, The United States is currently going through one of the longest-lasting government shutdowns in all of history. This will affect many people across the country.

  As tension rippled across the nation about funding President Trump’s wall, it caused chaos, confusion, and disagreement amongst people. As a result, the government shutdown due to the lack of funding.  

  Olivia Brown(10) personally does not agree with the funding of the wall,”Trump is putting money and funds towards something that will not benefit anyone in the future. If this was not happening then the government shutdown wouldn’t be happening either,” Said Brown.

  Many other people have felt the same way, mostly because the shutdown has led to many negative effects.  Employees and workers are not getting paid, some even lost their jobs because they had to give up their paychecks to go towards the wall.

  ” There is nothing wrong with what our president is doing, he just wants the funds to go towards something that could help us, after all he knows what he is doing, he is the president,” Said Carol Hebbe, a community member who is a big fan of President Trump.

  Perhaps having a government shutdown could be taking it too far, but it was also necessary, it stopped everything from going to far and getting out of hand.

  The shutdown has lasted over 18 days, it is also the second longest shutdown that has gone down in history yet, and so far there are no signs of it ending soon.  

Something needs to be done soon to end it or everything could continue to go downhill.

“All Trump is trying to do is persuade Americans to build the wall, there’s nothing wrong with that, people should just let him be the president and make the decisions, then we would not have this problem and the government shutting down,” stated Ashton Kaley (9).

  Overall, there has been a lot of disagreement that has to do with the funding of the wall and the reason behind the government shutting down. There will still be debates on this, whether it was the right choice or not.