HOSA Valentines Day

Rylee Cagle, Formatting Editor

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A suave, dark-haired man approaches slowly. As he lifts his head, his hair falls across his forehead, his lips part, and he says, “I’m no organ donor, but I’d gladly give you my heart.”

  Quite possibly one of the cheesiest “pick-up lines” ever, but for HOSA’s purposes, it is humorous and perfect. This year for Valentines Day, HOSA sold anatomically correct Valentines grams, complete with chocolate and unique puns.

  HOSA is a club dedicated to students who will be the health professionals of the future. They participate by binding together to learn about the “ins and outs” of health occupations all across America.

  “We’re Health Occupations Club… We’re kind of just based on the fact that we have speakers, who are like doctors or radiologists or nurses, and they come and talk about their experiences, ” said Soraya Gouhary (11), a member of HOSA.

  The anatomically correct valentines were sold to generate money to fundraise for HOSA’s upcoming events and competitions. In order to send a Heritage representative to these events, it was natural for the club to seek funds.

  “The Valentine’s Day gram was our way of fundraising for SLC competitions in March. But we also wanted to spread awareness of our club and wanted to hopefully attract other students who are interested in health professions,” said Karen Siapno (11).

  The grams were distributed on February 14th, Valentines Day, and both teachers and students were compelled by their silly-sweet messages. Many thought they were perfect for the occasion: unique, funny, thoughtful, cheesy, smart, and so many other adjectives were used to describe HOSA’s valentines.

  “Oh my gosh! It’s really cute. They did a really good job of making it relate to HOSA and their club,” said Ashlyn Drewery (11) upon receiving her HOSA gram.

  Despite the overwhelming approval the grams received from the Heritage student body, this year served as more of a trial run for HOSA officers and advisors. The day of distribution presented a variety of problems, as many teachers failed to follow through with giving students their grams during fifth period.

  HOSA took note of each pro and con associated with their new valentines grams though, and is excited to move forward and improve for the all of the years to come.

  Overall, despite their first-run problems, the HOSA valentines grams were well-received, adorable, and most importantly, the perfect addition to the Valentine’s Day atmosphere on the Heritage High School campus.