The Truth About Anxiety And Depression


Abella Ramirez, Staff Writer

Millions of people all over the world struggle with the common mental illnesses of anxiety and depression. There are many things that can trigger this in people to make it worse, for example, the pressure and stress from getting a heavy work load in school or the environment can have a serious impact on one’s mindset.

It has been addressed countless time before, but I still can’t help but feel that nobody is taking action to try and help these students get through this hard time and continue to be successful with their education. It is already stressful enough for students who do not experience anxiety or depression so for someone who does it is much more difficult for them to keep up and thrive.

Most people don’t even want to come forward and talk about these issues because they feel like it will be looked past and nobody will listen and want to truly help. anyone going through this should feel comfortable to ask for the help they need and not feel ashamed or looked down on.

It is not an excuse. It is a real problem that people in any grade have through college and life. If someone has academic goals they want to accomplish but have this in there way, then it is not fair to not let them be heard and give them a fair chance just like everyone else.

Starting to find solutions such as, talking problems out with the student, or if they have a hard time opening up then maybe just ask what the school and teachers could do to make school a less stressful place for them. Any individualized ideas to help the student should be heard. Talking to figure something, figuring out how they can be better academically, if some days they need to be home and miss school so they can catch up or just take a breathe.

Most of the time, students even develop their anxiety and depression because of school. So it is important to see the cause and understand. If it is not taken care of as soon as possible, there can be long term affect for the student in the future that will negatively impact them and prevent them from living their best life.

Nobody should not speak up about how they feel. it is extremely dangerous for their emotional and even physical health. If more people listened, then more people could succeed.