Parking Wars – Heritage Edition

Logan Baxley, Staff Writer

Student drivers – a parent’s worst nightmare, but a student’s dream. With drivers there comes a parking lot, and Heritage High School’s parking lot can get a bit hectic. Students have mixed emotions on the parking lot. Some think there are no problems, while others think there are a lot.
A few days of the year may bring troubles to the parking lot, Stephanie Redding believes the parking lot is way too hectic at all time.
“The parking lot is too hectic down there,” said Stephanie Redding (11).
Chase Goddard had a good idea on how to stop the parking lot from getting so packed.
“Another parking lot would really help when sophomores get their license. When sophomores need parking passes they should pay so another parking lot can be made,” said Chase Goddard (11).
Another parking lot would be great during the spring because that is when sophomores get their license but what would happen to that lot in quarter 1-3. Would it get closed off or would the school allow all grades park there at all times of the year?
On the other hand, this year has seen an increase of parent drivers parking in the student’s spots in the morning. This causes students to have a tough time finding a spot.
“Parents shouldn’t be allowed to park in the parking lot. They take the student spots,” stated Gabby Patino (11).
Arturo sees the parking lot as a over talked about problem. He does think some days it can get a little busy.
“There is sometimes when the parking lot gets busy, but that’s only on a few days,”Ayala.
Some people think the parking lot is a good place for students and it doesn’t have any serious problems to solve.
“The parking lot is a fun hang out place in the morning for kids,” said Aaron Ackerman (11).
All in all, the Heritage High School parking lot could use some changes and the school should consider cutting down on the amount of parents in the student lots. The parking lot can still be a fun and happy place to hang out with your friends in the morning or even when waiting for traffic to die down.