Water Polo Back


Ashlyn Silva, Staff Writer

As the water polo season slowly comes to an end, the team wraps it up with one last game. Heritage against Freedom.

Though the last few games have been a bit of a struggle for the team, since they have lost the past few games In the first half of the games is where the team would have more troubles, but by the second half the team is able to push through.

They believe that they can pull through and win this game. They do their best in every game. They always make sure to put in there best efforts into each game.

“The last few games were pretty tough, we were beat but we learned from it,” stated Denice Chaus (10).

They are confident that they will be able to beat Freedom in this game. Hopefully, being able to win. With cooperation and good teamwork they can win this game for Heritage.

“Freedom is a good opponent but they could never out match our skills,” stated Rogan Sheridan (12).

Over the course of the season, there is a lot of time for improvement of skills. The team has developed their own great ability. Whether it be their stamina or a new defense system. Each practice, scrimmage, and game allows them to improve in any way possible.

“I have seen improvement in myself, even as the Captain of these guys they always manage to help sharpen my edges more than I can,” expressed Sheridan.

Though games are viewed as more of a competitive type of event. Games are always great opportunities for teams to test their skills in real action. To be able to critique themselves on what they can do better. But it also allows them to meet some new people as well.

“Meeting new people, because some people are pretty dope,” commented Jurell Arana (10).

This last game will be a memorable one for the team, on September 23. To be able to experience one last time all together playing the sport they all love.