College Applications: The Main Source of Stress for High School Students

Lauren Jensen, staff writer

By: Lauren Jensen

Senior year is considered, by many students, the most fun year of high school. This jam-packed year includes the senior trip, prom, and graduation. But, there is one downfall to this exciting year…college applications.
October and November are spooky months but not just because of the Halloween festivities. These two months are the cause for many students to feel stressed and overwhelmed during their senior year because of college applications.
“They always say to apply to as many schools as possible to be safe, but the expense can be overwhelming,” said Kylie Martin (12).
Martin has a point here. Most college applications are at least $50 minimum which, after applying to multiple schools, will add up and be unbelievably expensive for many students. Most high school students apply to about 6-8 colleges which is recommended by high school counselors. This can quickly add up to $350 for schools that students haven’t even been accepted into.
Students nowadays are having to come up with an additional game plan of how to afford the application process on top of navigating the world of student loans once they’re in school.
“Do I really want to pay $80 for a school that I’m most likely not going to get into?” Ashleigh Kennealy (12)
Although the expense of college applications is overwhelming, there are various other factors of the process that are taking a toll on senior students. For example, many students will agree that applying for colleges has taken the number one spot on their priority list. This is obviously affecting students school work.
It is harder for students to enjoy their senior year when they know what is creeping up on them.
Students will admit that college application season has inevitably made them lazier in school because of how stressful the process is.
“Every time I even think about college applications, I want to cry. It still makes me excited for what’s to come,” Collin Marfia (12)
Despite the stress that comes from college applications, the process does make students excited for their future.  “It’s exciting looking at places that I feel really comfortable at” said Martin.
As we finish November and enter October, it’s  important to remember that seniors are feeling stressed and fragile right now. To any seniors that have made it this far, I wish you all the best of luck.