On Greta Thunberg


Greta Thunberg is a climate youth activist from Sweden who first learned about the climate crisis at the age of 8 and now, at the age of sixteen, she has become known as the face and voice of the climate youth movement; receiving worldwide recognition for her efforts in combating climate change and raising awareness about it.
It all started on a Friday in August 2018, when Thunberg decided to start a school strike for climate outside the Swedish Parliament with nothing but a handwritten poster board that say “School strike for climate”. Thanks to social media her action has spread all around and gained the attention of many. Leading her to start a movement called Fridays For Future where more than 100,000 students are involved and skipping school every Friday to protest.
“Greta is a strong and inspiring individual who has inspired thousands of teens to take action and take care of our planet,” claimed Valentina Meza (11).
After launching “Fridays For Future,” Thunberg and other concerned youths throughout Europe were able to pressure leaders and lawmakers to start working on the problem. However that was not enough for Thunberg, she continues to protest.
On September 18th Thunberg spoke in front of House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Select Committee in Washington D.C. and on September 20, two days later, she organized and led the Global Climate Strike, walking with millions of protesters in New York City to demand climate action. This became the largest climate protest in history with a total of 4 million people marching all over the world; taking place in more than 163 countries and multiple cities including.
The next day, Thunberg did what she will be most recognized for, she spoke at the UN Youth Climate Summit, giving an unforgettable and daring speech before leaders, lawmakers, and U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.
” I hope that more people take notice of Greta’s action and for leaders to start taking effective action to make a difference,” Chloe Panngat (11).
As you have seen Thunberg has been taking many actions in regard to climate change, but not only is she protesting, she also lives a lifestyle that supports what she speaks out for.
She tries to lower her carbon footprint by becoming vegan and not flying; having traveled across the Atlantic on a zero-emissions yacht, when she went to give speeches in other countries.
She is also very humble and barely takes credit for what she has done, having declined an environmental award from the Nordic Council. Thunberg also believes that her Asperger’s syndrome has helped her to think outside the box and “only speak when I think it’s necessary.”
“I think it’s very impressive how Greta is living out what she says, and no just preaching it like most activists,” stated Isabella Meadows (12).
Thunberg continues to raise awareness and demand action around the world, going to countries that need to lower their carbon emissions and demanding action and change to stop the impact of climate change.
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