Wrestling: A Dying Sport, but Growing Community?


Photo By Jayme McKenna

Sydney Agrella, Staff Writer

When asked what sports seasons they’re looking forward to in the school year, most students are quick to say football or basketball–or another more advertised sport. But, there’s one that’s anticipated just as excitedly by a smaller number of students: wrestling.
Only around twenty people participate on the team every year, but those few members make up one of the most tightly bonded teams on campus. Because they’re in such a small group, the wrestlers develop strong bonds with each other, which makes their performance stronger as well.
“My favorite part of being on the wrestling team is the sense of family and community that wrestling brings, we’re a very tight-knit group of individuals and we really care for each other,” says Harrison Garcia (12), who has been wrestling for almost six years.
If you ask anyone on the wrestling team, they will all almost certainly agree with Garcia’s statement. They work hard together, achieve together, and act as a family for one another.
There are many things the wrestlers look forward to every year, but Gabby Kellerman (12) seems to easily–and humorously–sum up the main goal of most athletes: “Getting better and getting medals–it’s all about the glory.”
In addition to “the glory”, Garcia seems to be anticipating this season for more sentimental reasons, saying that he’s looking forward to helping some of the younger people out, and having one last good year before my high school wrestling career is over”
The team members aren’t the only ones who look forward to the season; Derek Guzman, one of the wrestling coaches, explains why he enjoys leading the team.
“The most gratifying part is watching the wrestlers do things we taught in practice, and seeing their excitement when they win,” said Guzman. Even the coaches and mentors have a strong relationship with the wrestlers, and help them to improve and become the best they can be.
The members strongly encourage others to join the team, because they want more variety in their weight classes and think that being on the team would be beneficial for anyone. You need to be willing to put work in and be committed to the team, but the experience is well worth it.