Mormon Family Massacre


Photo by BBC

Tara Eastwood, Staff Writer

      A Mormon family was murdered in Northern Mexico, as they were caught up in the violence of a drug cartel. 9 members of a family including 3 women and 6 children, were sprayed with gunfire and burned alive in their flamming cars.
     The attack occured on Monday, November 4th , when the women were driving to a well known Mormon community known as La Mora. The first devastating attack occurred around 9 a.m. next to Chihuahua state in Mexico and the other two cars around eleven a.m.
The vehicles that were driven were  Ford SUVs. The first one was shot at and burned until none of the characteristics of the vehicle were recognizable. The other two SUVs were shot at 11 miles behind the first and they were in slightly better condition.
     The first vehicle that was shot at, killed the women driving as well as her 8 month old twins. Shortly after, the vehicle went up in flames.
One of the relatives of the family, Julian Lebaron, found Christina Marie Langford, who had been shot and burned alive.
     “ I found Christina. She was outside her car, faced down, assassinated… ,”said Lebaron.
It has been confirmed that Langford tried to inform the cartel members that they had no evil intent and gunfire was unnecessary.
     “{She} waved her arms to let her attackers know that there were women and children inside the vehicles,” said Lebaron.
     Dawna Ray Langford was another victim of this brutal murder. Her, along side her two children, were murdered in the gunfire. 13-year- old Devin Blake Langford hid injured children behind a bush and ran 14 miles to La Mora to get help for him and his family.
     Considering the fact that this family has had problems with drug cartels before, many suspect that this attack was intentional and they aimed to kill the family.
The only lives remaining when help arrived was the 7 month old daughter of Christina Langford, Faith as well as Devin and 6 other children recovering at home and in a local hospital.
Authorities first thought the incident was a mis-identity, as  the family were mistaken for another cartel. Recent discoveries of events has linked the  victims and attackers to past conflicts, leading them to believe it was intentional.
     Alfonzo Durazo, the minister of public security, reported that the family had a dual- citizenship in Mexico and the United States, meaning they are legal citizens of both nations.
     U.S President Donald Trump also tweeted out his condolences as well as an offer to the Mexican president to handle the matter.
     “. . .With the result being many great American people killed, including young children. . . If Mexico needs or requests help in cleaning out these monsters, the United States stands ready. . . and able. . .{to} do the job quickly,” tweeted Trump.
     Although the president of Mexico declined Trump’s military offer over a tweet, he later called President Trump over the phone to let him know that justice will be served for the Mormon family that had been murdered in Mexico. Along with support from Mexico, many communities within the United States and Mormon families are aiding in the recovery and support for the family that lost their loved ones.