What You Need To Know To Survive Flu Season


Miles Woolery, Staff Writer

         A lot happens during the fall and winter seasons the weather gets colder, there are also a lot of holidays like; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and of course the new year. While these are all things to get excited over, the devastating virus of the flu also needs attention.
     As these months go by people get so worked up for the holidays they forget to prepare for the flu. This year the flu season unfortunately was one of the deadliest according to time was one of the worst in years and is on track to be deadlier than the flu seasons in 2017 and 2018.
     Getting the flu is detrimental in many ways; you get nasty coughs, your body feels achy, you feel feverish, you feel like you have to vomit constantly, and you also feel fatigued and weak. The flu doesn’t just make you feel terrible, it also hinders your ability to get important tasks done, such as school, work and your social life. Having the flu makes you fall behind and can add extra stress on yourself.
    When you have the flu there are many foods that you can eat to help you feel better. According to healthline chicken soup, probably the most cliche food you can eat when sick is actually better for you than you think. Eating soup keeps you hydrated and also provides you with protein and iron that your body needs.
     Also according to Healthline yogurt is really good for you when you have the flu, as it soothes your throat boosts your immune system and also contains proteins.
      Finally according to  Healthline leafy greens is also extremely beneficial for your  body as they have vitamins that will boost your immune system. Putting greens in a smoothie with some yogurt will make you feel a lot better.
     The flu shot is also one of the most popular ways to prevent the flu shot, however, is it really that effective? According to bustle.com the flu shot in 2018 was 36% effective  and this year it is supposed to be 47% effective, even though this year’s flu season is already very deadly.
   Preparing for the flu season needs more attention than what it gets. It is a very deadly virus and needs the attention.
      “HBN reports should talk about flu season and how to keep yourself from getting sick,” said Hernandez.
     “The flu shot is a necessity because by you not getting it, it not only is a danger to you but to yourself as well,” said Shane Agena (12).
   “My mom is a pharmacist and gives my brothers and I the flu shot,” said Mateo Hernandez (11).
       The flu shot is not always 100% effective but it can also lessen the severity of the symptoms  according to Drugs.com.
     “the flu shot is not for everyone,” said Orta.
    People that have a severe allergy to eggs should not get a flu shot or have wheezing issues  according to drugs.com.
     The flu season really hinders all of our lives, even if you’re not the one getting sick, you still have to account for other people getting you sick. Things like ads, and using HBN are great ways we can prepare for the flu season. As a school we can make small changes to make a difference for the students and staff.