Is Online School Helpful or Hurtful?


Online school, depending on how you look at it, can be beneficial. I think there could be a career advancement like getting a job. The satisfaction of finishing all your work on time could also be a good thing. Having more time for hobbies like reading, sewing, and painting could be done more often and I think it would make you happier.
Also, from the Benefits of Studying Online, you could have more of a flexible schedule. You don’t have to set your alarm to wake up early. There would be little to no cost for online school. You would, unfortunately, have more responsibility to deal with and on the plus side, have more choice in course topics which I think is a good thing.
In addition, from Huge advantages to taking online classes, there is less intensity to do well as it is in the classroom. There’s easier attendance since there’s no pressure to be in your seat by a certain time. You could possibly get easier access to teachers by email since they are always teaching the whole class you might not have as much time with the teacher in the classroom.  Location is important because that way even though there’s some distance you can still use technology like Zoom, for example, to communicate with them. There’s a greater ability to concentrate since no people or no noises are distracting you from your work.
Lastly, one of the benefits of online education for the community college of Aurora is networking opportunities with peers and it makes students fit into other environments if the student is in a different country. All their information is stored safely on an online database they have. They also have online classes that can help you get control of your learning environment, which gives you a deeper understanding of your degree course. Most times though any type of a learning environment may not always be as deep as you would imagine.
Even though online school seems great, there are some drawbacks to look into as well. I think you wouldn’t have the advantage of verbal communication. There isn’t one-on-one support twenty-four-seven with the teacher online as much as you have in class. I think some students choose video games and their phones over there education these days.
Next, some pros and cons of online school are that most of the time you have to self-direct yourself on how to do the assignment, which in some cases takes more work than when you have some help from your peers and the teacher.  A  variety, of course, of options, could be a good thing but, that could also mean that you don’t know what to choose from or there’s nothing in your interest that you’d like to take. I think that it would be more time consuming to choose the right course for you. Most students have to have access to technology in order to do their assignments but,  in my opinion, if you don’t have a computer to work with you might just have to use your phone which is much harder to use.
From The New York Times, research suggests that students, nearly all of the achievement levels do well in a blended class which is that students do online work and spend time in class with the teacher as well. An online class without a teacher requires students to have self-motivation, self-regulation, and organization, which I think are very important character traits to have. In my opinion, credit recovery programs seem easy but, later on, students flunk subsequent tests. Students in online algebra courses learn less than with a teacher in a classroom.
For online school, if you have a degree with no accreditation in my opinion, you will have a worthless degree and debt that won’t prepare you for the workforce. Building relationships with your instructor and classmates will take more work than in a classroom. A single online course could take 15 to 20 hours to finish. The problem I think with this type of schooling is that you have to have time management and some organizational skills, some sort of plan for each day that you do your work. If not, in my opinion, you might find yourself behind in your schoolwork and possible tests if you don’t prepare and study.
Online school though it’s hard to transition from a classroom to a computer I think it will all be worth it in the end. If we all do our work in a timely manner and ask questions that our teachers can help us with we will be a step closer to going back to normal in a sense. If you ever struggle I think you can always ask your peers for help. I personally enjoy online school but, I do miss the events at school and my friends as well. We will all get through this together.