COVID Chronicles – Addy Stevens


Addy Stevens, Staff Writer

April 21, 11:14 AM
Today I’m officially starting this chronicle of my life in quarantine. Now, I could go on about my daily routine, how I woke up around 8 o’clock and how quarantine seems to have made my addiction to coffee even worse. I could also talk about stress with online classes and the uncertainty of the coming months ahead of us.
But I don’t really want to do that.
Let’s face it: chances are, you’re in quarantine right now reading this and while, yes, we all are bored out of our minds, feeding any more opinions or stories about COVID-19 and quarantine into your brain will probably cause it to leak out of your ears. So instead, for each day on this post, I’m going to do something (hopefully) more interesting than binging another episode of Hotel Impossible so as not to bore you poor souls trapped at home to tears.
Let’s do this.
April 22, 11:23 PM
A quick but hopefully fun note. Today my interesting event was handed to me on a silver platter. The first virtual senior banquet was today and while I didn’t step one foot out of my house, I still got to meet up with some good friends over zoom to mark the occasion. My family (they’re the best!) decked out my room with lights and decorations, creating a really special atmosphere. Watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with my friends and class was a special treat.
A special bonus was that no one gave me funny looks for changing into sweats halfway through.
April 24, 5:31 PM
Today I attempted to do a cartwheel.
It did not work.
Also, I think my microwave is broken because after I heated up some chicken I reached my hand out to test the temperature to see if it was warm enough, and I kid you not, it exploded against my hand guys. Seriously! And then I touched it again and it wasn’t even that warm so I don’t know what its deal was. It just had a vendetta against me I guess.
April 25, 6:36 PM
Okay, so I’ve given this some thought and realized that jumping straight into trying a  cartwheel when I have absolutely no experience with my body moving cohesively in a graceful or aesthetically pleasing manner was probably not the best idea. I have to start smaller. So today I will be trying a handstand-but don’t worry, I’m starting at the against-the-wall level first. My only concern is that my house has wood floors so hitting my head against it will hurt, like a lot. But I mean, I have pillows so it should be fine.
9:01 PM
Turns out, headstands are impossible. Sure, you think once you’ve got one leg up how hard could it be to bring the other up but as soon as you do, everything comes crashing down.
I’m disappointed in myself honestly.
Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. Or tonight. After some aspirin.
April 27, 8:00 PM
Today a little caterpillar wandered into my garage. We’ve relocated the caterpillar to a more homey spot: namely, a tree in our backyard. We’re calling him Wormy. Wormy has taken kindly to his new surroundings and seems to be settling in quite nicely.
I’ll let you know if he makes it his permanent residence by checking tomorrow. However, in my short time spent with him, he didn’t strike me as one eager to settle down.
April 30, 3:34 PM
Guess what guys? Wormy has completely moved in. A couple days ago, I was watering the plants, thought I’d take a look around for the little guy but I honestly figured he would be long gone. Low and behold, on the one of the branches was a cocoon. I’ve been checking on the little guy every day and am looking forward to seeing his transformation.
This little chronicle has been surprisingly fun for me to write and even though it’s not skydiving or a kitten skateboarding, I hope these little words made you smile. Have fun at home and I hope you do something a little different each day. Fight the routines and cabin fever that may be creeping in but really, keep it safe guys. Staying at home for others is the least we can do.