The Face Behind Class of ’23

Isabella De Las Alas , staff writer

   Involved in leadership ever since 6th grade, Sydney Kennedy (10) has assumed her position as the 2023 Class President. Eager and excited, Kennedy takes on the year as a leader and more importantly, a strong, powerful voice.
Initially running her freshman year, she was met with the disappointment of losing. She realized the amount of work needed to achieve what she wanted. Despite this, she remains grateful and ever the most determined.
“Each opportunity I was given I always made sure to take whether it stood as a growing experience or something to learn from, I never gave up,” said Kennedy.
Her success and passion for leading can be attested to her ASB teacher at Adam’s Middle School, Mrs. Thornhill.
Unfortunately her electoral win came at the grim time of COVID-19 and the implementation of distance learning, so she has not been able to serve as president like her predecessors have. Nevertheless, she pushes through.
She has noticed that their main problem that they are encountering is finding the necessary funds to put back into the class of 2023. They bypassed this through several fundraising opportunities.
With the help of her class council, which includes Kennedy’s best friend and Class of 2023 Vice President Makenna James (10), they have sought ways to resemble the high school experience.
“I love each and every one of our class officers and advisors this year, and being able to grow and learn together has been the best part,” exclaimed Kennedy.
Currently she, along with her team, is working on creative ways to boost student engagement and morale to make the most of 2020.
Beyond her duties as President, Kennedy enjoys singing, music, and theater. She was in the Heritage choir last year, played several instruments like piano and ukulele, and been in numerous shows. She is involved in the Studio 26 program and has been active in theater. Additionally, she played soccer for most of her life and greatly enjoys volleyball.
Although the unfortunate timing of her leadership has taken the forefront, she has felt anything but isolated or regretful.
“I wouldn’t change my experiences and the people I’ve met for the world,” proclaimed Kennedy.
Kennedy is intending on running again in the following years, making the most of her high school experience and potential.
   She is not entirely sure of what she plans for her future, but she has high hopes. Currently, all she knows for her aspirations is that it will involve caring for children and helping people.
Kennedy’s positive mindset and leadership is one that will guide the future generations far. It is guaranteed that the school year will be—and already is— that much brighter thanks to the 2023 class president, Sydney Kennedy.