2020 NBA Draft Preview

As the new NBA season grows nearer, many teams are looking to follow up their great playoff performances and getting another shot at a championship. But for some less fortunate teams, this is the most exciting part of their year is here: draft season. They can capitalize on their misfortunes from the previous year and can hope to add a young star to turn their team around. Months of projecting, predicting, and speculating have gone into what will occur this Wednesday, November 16th.
People are looking at Anthony Edwards, the explosive 19-year old from the University of Georgia, to be taken first by the Minnesota Timberwolves. Edwards excels at scoring at all three levels, great at creating a shot off the dribble, and plays solid on-ball defense. He would be a great young star to add to Minnesota’s two all-star caliber players: Karl Anthony-Towns and D’Angelo Russell.
Though Edwards is highly expected to land in Minnesota, he’s not the only prospect that could possibly land that #1 spot. Lamelo Ball, who played overseas over in Lithuania for a year, has been a prominent name in the basketball community for years, when he played varsity basketball in 8th grade, teaming up with his brother Lonzo, who currently plays for the New Orleans Pelicans.
“Anthony Edwards is just under Lamelo in my opinion, but they could be switched. Both players have extreme amounts of talent that could carry them to a long career,” stated Oscar Saleh (11).
The #2 pick, which belongs to the Golden State Warriors, is almost guaranteed to be James Wiseman, the versatile center from the University of Memphis. Wiseman is the perfect piece for a complete Warriors team poised to make a playoff run. With 4 all-star talents in Curry, Thompson, Wiggins, and Green, the team lacks the depth at the center role, which James Wiseman is the perfect fit for. Standing at 7’1 with a wingspan of 7’6, Wiseman is an athletic ‘freak’, with a knack for scoring and rebounding, paired with an amazing sense for shot-blocking in the paint.
“I can see a lot of promise in Wiseman,” claimed Steven Luke (11). “I can see him as potentially being our franchise center, he seems very passionate and has a lot of skill on both sides of the ball.”
The University of Kentucky brings 3 premier guards into the draft, with Tyrese Maxey expected to be taken mid-first round, and Immanuel Quickley and Ashton Hagans in the second round. All 3 guards bring expert on-ball defense, paired with elite playmaking ability. The trio is a true testament to the stellar system that Coach Calipari sets in Kentucky.
This draft may not have the generational talents that 2019 offered with Zion Williamson and Ja Morant. However, this draft is very deep, with some great talents being all the way in the second round. This might be the year for teams to take major risks and gambles, and try to find that diamond in the rough that all teams wish for.
“I think Kira Lewis Jr. is the best gamble in this draft,” claimed Julian Hernandez (11). “He’s a 6’3 point guard who is shifty and has a great 3pt shot, shooting 48.8% over the final 7 games of his career at Alabama. Look out for him.”
This year’s draft could prove to be very vital for many teams, looking to rebuild for the future. It’s up to the team executives whether or not they make the right choice.