16 year old Published Author

When most high school students enter their first year of high school, they’re looking forward to all that high school has to offer; the dances, the rallies, the football games, and many other exciting experiences. For 18 year old Kadie Waldron (12) , she had different dreams in mind.
At just 15 years old, Waldron was able to complete her very first novel, “All for Him”, and have it published when she was 16.
Waldron says that she has always enjoyed writing, because it allows her to express herself through stories helps her cope with negative emotions.  Kadie wrote this story about her little brother, for at the time, she was very worried about anything happening to him. Waldron began to write “All for Him” in the seventh grade, at a writing camp. Waldron spent her freshmen year editing and finalizing her story, and sophomore year publishing it.
“I’ve always known one day I would publish a book, but I was definitely surprised at how early in my life I was able to do so,” said Waldron (12)
After years of writing, Waldron decided to self-publish her brothers story instead of traditionally publishing it. Because she decided to self-publish her book, she had to take on all the responsibilities of  publishing her book. She created the cover page, printed the book and made all the copies of her book herself. Waldron was also asked to illustrate a children’s story for her friend who is also an author.
“I recommend self-publishing for younger authors, because anyone can do it,” said Waldron (12).
Kadie mentions that she enjoys channeling any thoughts, worries or anxieties she has into her writing. This way, she is able to authentically express herself through her writing.
“I do think that anyone that aspires to write should write for themselves and not just for an audience. Then you can think of the impact your story will have on others after,” said Waldron (12).
As of right now, Waldron is working on a new book called “breaking Ember”, which she started working on before “All for Him”. Waldron has high hopes of this being her very first traditionally published book.
Waldron encourages any aspiring writers to just take a pen to paper and get to work.  She mentions that she is excited for her future as an artist and author.