Amy Coney Barrett

      On October 26th, the. Supreme Court confirmed Amy Coney Barrett by a vote of 52-48. 52 Republican senators voted for Barrett while every Democrat senator voted in opposition.  Barrett is the 115th Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court.
Throughout Justice Barrett’s career, much of the public feels that she has faithfully and thoroughly upheld our U.S. Constitution as written, but her confirmation did cause a whole lot of controversy. Since the events leading up to October 26th, many people have questioned whether or not Amy Coney Barrett is qualified for this position and her beliefs.
Many people cross-country were frustrated that President Donald Trump was allowed to choose a new Supreme Court Justice when four years ago President Barack Obama was not allowed to do the same.
“I personally was unimpressed with her inability to separate the church and state,” said Courtney Coplan (12).
American citizens, like Coplan, stress how important it is for someone with so much authority to not hold bias rooted from religion.
Citizens are also worried about what Barrett could do for abortion rights and LQBT+ protection. Other worrisome areas in Barretts beliefs include the scope of federal regulatory control over the environment, workplace safety and consumer protection.
“It feels as if all the work Ruth Bader Ginsburg has done could possibly be wiped away so fast,” said Bella Blalock (12).
Many supporters of Ruth Bade Ginsburg are struggling to see a new Supreme Court Justice.
On the other hand, there are many people, especially women, that idolize Barrett and are looking forward to the work she will do on the Supreme Court.
“I definitely agree with a lot of Amy Coney Barrett’s ideologies and I like that they replaced a woman with a woman,” said Madelyn Carcot (12).
Many people are thrilled to be able to see the 5th woman ever on the Supreme Court, and especially in such unprecedented times.
Following the confirmation vote, Joe Biden released a lengthy statement in which he called for people to turn out and vote.
     “Vote to protect the fundamental idea that health care is a right, not a privilege. And vote for the legacy of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” Biden said.