Creating Her Love for Art

   Thinking about her next art piece, Isabella Baeza (12) loves more than just creating and making art. She was able to create a small brand for herself on Depop. Where she originally sold her clothing, she had an idea to sell her own products. It was not only a business for Baeza but an outlet that allowed her to be creative and learn more as an artist trying to sell their art.
   For Baeza, her love for art begun since she was a child. The biggest role model and influence was her father. Without him, her love for art probably wouldn’t have started.
   “My passion for my art started with my dad because my dad would always have doodles and I would always kind of teach me how to do art and stuff…he drew a Flinestone character that’s what I remember,” answered Baeza.
   For every artist, there comes a time where art block can be tough to overcome. On Youtube, many creators in the art community share their portfolios and pieces for the world to see. Baeza takes inspiration from these portfolios and tries to relate to a piece she wants to begin making.
   “When I am having a serious art block, I’ll go on youtube and I’ll look up people’s portfolios and I will look at their ideas and I will turn that idea into something I relate to and then I make that into my own style,” said Baeza.
   For Baeza, art was a hobby for her to enjoy. On the side, she would also sell clothes on the side for her Depop. She had the idea to incorporate selling her art to the public on Depop for everyone to enjoy.
   “I make a lot of resin art like; ashtrays or little trinket trays that you could put small items in and I profit off it by putting it on Depop and people like the item and decide to buy it later on,” relayed Baeza.
   As she began to continue her business, she learned a few things about selling your art. She gives her advice on people who feel insecure about their work and how someone out there might not love it as much as they do.
   “Don’t be afraid, and don’t nitpick your artwork because someone out there will buy it and love it. Just as much as you loved making it,” answered Baeza.
   Art is more than a passion and hobby toward Baeza, it has become a business to her. Baeza plans on continuing her business. She plans on making more items in the future like jewelry and bigger resin pieces in the future. As Baeza continues her business, she learns that art has taught her not to criticize her art as much. Just being able to make her business has helped her branch out, knowing that her art isn’t 100% perfect because somebody out there will love it.