How Are People Celebrating 2020 Thanksgiving?


“Thanksgiving Day Parade” by martha_chapa95 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

The season of giving is usually full of gathering with loved ones. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is among us, it is difficult to hold traditional festivities leading many to find alternatives in celebrating the holiday this year.
Social distancing has become an extremely important safety protocol with the pandemic going on but it has hindered people’s ability to see the people they love. The difficult roadblock of this year has put a halt to normal holiday activities, causing people to wonder in curiosity of what they should do to still stay in spirit but stay safe.
Several news sources have proposed ways for people to have the annual turkey dinner while still being able to spend time with family but in much healthier ways that reduce risk. The general public is weirded out and feel extremely out of place not being able to gather around like in previous years.
Haley Le (11) gives insight to what her plans are for celebrating the iconic holiday under these strict conditions.
“It will be a lot smaller this year, just family, no family friends. We will still have a big dinner and do most of the stuff we usually do.” said Le (11).
Hailey Miranda (11) also gave input to how the pandemic has affected her and her family’s plans for the holiday as well as what they plan to do differently this season.
“If people still want to celebrate, smaller gatherings will be held in open air spaces or at an outdoor restaurant. Personally I would keep my mask on and social distance along with using disposable utensils and plates.” stated Miranda (11).
Rosemary Romeis tells us how she is going to celebrate Thanksgiving this year with her family and what her and her family are thankful for.
“I am spending Thanksgiving with my husband and three children here in Brentwood. We are thankful for our health and family. We will be missing out extended family this year due to Covid.” said Romeis.
Although Thanksgiving festivities have shifted a different route this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many have found and planned ways to productively celebrate and spend time with relatives. Whether it be gathering in smaller groups or sitting outdoors, the memorable holiday is not to be forgotten despite the chaos surrounding this year’s celebrations.