Paris Hilton Reveals Experiences of Abuse In New Documentary

     Paris Hilton, 300 million dollar Hilton Hotel heiress and “The Simple Life” reality star, released her documentary “This is Paris” on September 13 which has already received 7 million views on Youtube after its second day of being released. Hilton’s documentary has received all but positive reviews and establishes how her ‘dumb blonde’ persona she became famous for was all fake. Hilton tells all how her bubbly character was a defense mechanism for her after her traumatic kidnapping as a teen.
“My first impression of her was not much. I just knew of her as a reality star and the person who made Kim Kardashian famous, but her documentary really shocked me,” stated Kristina Narvasa (12).
In her documentary, Hilton rallies her former camp inmates and revitalizes the movement #BreakingCodeSilence which works to find justice for the survivors of Teen Trouble Camps and actively works against the controversial organizations.
When the Hilton family moved to New York, Paris Hilton involved herself with clubbing and boys, even skipping school to do so. Her family became quite concerned with her new behavior which led to her parents Rick and Kathy calling a teen trouble camp in Utah named Provo Canyon.
Provo Canyon workers proceeded to tie Hilton up in the middle of the night as she kicked and screamed, taken away from her home. At Provo Canyon, the teens were starved and even put in self-isolation chambers stripped of their clothes. Many lawsuits have been filed against alleged abusive camps like Provo Canyon but the institution remains today.
“I would definitely recommend this to a friend; it’s inspiring to see the empire she has built for herself after all the trauma she has experienced,” said Christina Nassar (12).
Many celebrities have stood by Hilton, like Drew Barrymore and Paris Jackson, indicting their own abusive experiences.
“I don’t actively follow her so I don’t really know what to expect. Though, like any documentary, she will probably cover her past and talk about struggles and criticisms,” said Jackie Fortner (12).
Ricky Hilton, Paris Hilton’s father, and Nicole Richie, “The Simple Life” co-star and former best friend of Hilton, both fail to make appearances in her documentary. Director Alexandra Dean set up an interview with Richie but due to Hilton’s busy schedule was unable to meet up. Ricky Hilton also declined the interview from Dean due to his adherence to privacy.
Hilton, as a result of her traumatic experiences as a child, now suffers from insomnia- a condition where she has trouble falling asleep at night. More is revealed in her documentary about how she balances the success and trauma from her past. “This is Paris” is now streaming on Youtube for free.