Bundle Up!

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Bundle Up!

Mackenzie Price, Staff Writer

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The warm seasons are over and winter is just beginning. Time to set those short sleeves aside and pick up a sweater!

  Winter attire varies for everyone especially here at Heritage. Since there’s such a wide variety of styles displayed at this school, everyone expresses themselves differently.

  In terms of winter attire, Xiana Beshears (11) discusses her go to item of clothing to wear during the cold season.

  “My adidas hoodie is definitely my favorite. The fleece on the inside is warm and the jacket itself is black, so it goes with everything,” Beshears mentions.

  Having an article of clothing that matches everything is a must for any season really. It seems that a comfortable and warm sweater is a staple in many students’ wardrobes.

  “My go to item of clothing is sweatshirts and windbreakers,” said Molly Smith (11).

  Most people are simply trying to stay cozy during winter and even though Brentwood doesn’t get snow, the temperature still drops massively during this time of year.

  “During winter, I’m just trying to stay warm, so I usually wear the same [type of] outfit,” Smith adds.

  Personally, I’m all about layers. Take a long sleeve striped shirt, throw on a short sleeve over that and wear it with mom jeans and you’re ready to go! Of course, just wearing one type of outfit all winter would be monotonous, so another really simple (and cheap!) option is thrift store sweaters! Thrift stores are lifesavers and hold some pretty good finds.