A PROMising Dress


Prom is, titled by many high school students, one of the most exciting events of high school. With promposals, hair appointments and lots of makeup there is one thing that completely dominates a girls experience at prom; her dress. Prom dress shopping is something that many girls have dreamt of doing their entire childhood, but when the season to find the perfect dress comes, it can be quite stressful.
Some concerns that involve prom dress shopping might included price range, shopping with too many people (or just the wrong people), body image and dress code. People are often shocked at how difficult the shopping process can be, while others have been anticipating this amount of stress for awhile.
Luckily, today girls are becoming more confident in not paying full price for a prom dress. With social media, it has become very easy to post a picture of an old dress to see if anyone is interested in wearing it. Despite the easy online shopping, many girls can not imagine not shopping for their prom dress, an act that they have dreamt of for years.
“To feel my best at prom, I would have to know that my dress is exactly what I wanted,” said Victoria Renner (11).
To girls like Renner that have dreamt about buying a new prom dress their whole life, renting someone’s dress is not even considered.
To the contrary, there are also many girls that believe prom is about having a good time, no matter what you look like. A lot of girls think that there is far too much pressure put on them to look their best this one night.
To relieve some of this pressure, a student at Liberty high school has decided to make change. This student, that has chosen to remain anonymous, created an Instagram account, @lhsdresses, for young girls in the area to cyber-shop for prom dresses for little to no money. People who are interested in selling/renting their prom dress can reach out to her and she will post pictures of them for girls to look at.
“The amount of stress us girls put on ourselves is way too much and it’s not what proms about, but we’ve made it that way now,” said @lhsdresses.
Another big factor that influences a lot of girls prom dress shopping process is body image. Many girls find themselves enduring harsh diets during the months leading up to prom. It is normal to want to feel beautiful at prom, but is extreme weight loss the way to do so? Some girls often feel that the size of their dress predicts how pretty they will feel or look at prom.
“Girls should change their health to feel good, not to try and lose weight quickly for one night of high school,” said Alyssa Reyes (11)
Prom should be a night where all girls can feel beautiful, no matter your size or the price of your dress!